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Looking for a spacious and safe place to store your goods away from curious eyes and harsh weather conditions? We have a solution for your problem! Supreme Storage Containers offers the best storage containers in Chico that you can rent for an unlimited period of time without draining your credit card. Skip through our online gallery to pick up the very model you have in mind and we’ll deliver it right to the parking area in no time regardless of your location!


Why our storage containers?

Premium materials

Our Supreme Storage Containers are manufactured out of solid stainless steel that eliminates any chance of rust formation even during the roughest sea trips. The durable metal exterior is capable of withstanding considerable shocks and collisions without disrupting the integrity of your storage unit. No matter what forces are raging outside, your goods will remain sealed safely within the robust panel walls. The container floor is boarded with rot- and vermin-proof marine-grade plywood that prevents moisture from seeping in through the bottom of the unit. Every little part of our storage containers in Chico is made to last and while saying it, we think in terms of decades, not years.


Reliable construction

When it comes to building a storage container, the way you do it is just as important as the materials you use. Supreme Storage Containers in Chico, CA feature a high tensile steel framework tightly paneled with corrugated steel sheets to ensure a robust, impact-resistant construction suitable for sea transportation let alone low-risk stationary use. We guarantee perfect structural integrity of every unit available on this site regardless of the rental period length. We're are always available at 888-441-1360 in case you need our help!


Perfect insulation

Our company provide storage containers that are totally leak-proof and airtight. To ensure the highest possible degree of safety, we also provide additional insulation in the form of fiberglass, foam panels or spray foam. All three options significantly diminish the risk of condensation by creating an impenetrable barrier between the container interior and surrounding environment. Moreover, installing an extra insulation layer will also allow you to maintain a steady temperature level inside the storage for better preservation of perishable items.


Enhanced security

Keeping your goods away from moisture and extreme temperatures isn’t enough if your storage unit lacks basic security features. On our site, you’ll find the most reliable storage containers in Chico equipped with heavy deadbolts, sophisticated padlocks and swing arms to survive extreme thief attacks. Each of our storage containers sports a custom-built locking system that requires a uniquely shaped key thus making it impossible to break inside. For additional protection, we can also install a digital security lock on your container door. To find out more, get in touch with us at 888-441-1360.


Huge variety of options

Our company offers the widest choice of storage containers in CA. If you’re looking for a specific container type, you’ll surely find it in our online catalogue! Need a customized container with an extra set of doors? Check out our open-side, double-door and tunnel storages allowing for an easier loading of items and better access to the container interior! Concerned about the safety of your temperature-sensitive cargo? We’ll help you select a proper model of thermal or refrigerated storage container to deliver your goods fresh and undamaged! Our offerings include both 20’ and 40’ standard height containers as well as high cube storages units. All you have to do is choose!

If you want to receive a price quote, arrange a storage container delivery, or want answers to your questions, give us a call now at 888-441-1360

Supreme Storage Containers Chico,  CA

Delivery, installation and repair

We try to make working with storage containers Chico as convenient and affordable as possible, that’s why free state-wide delivery, installation and repair are the three pillars of our customer service! Once the rental agreement is signed, your storage container will be delivered to the parking area by one of our industrial trucks and offloaded right where you want it with the help of a cargo crane. Before leaving, our technicians will make sure the unit is mounted securely and check it for any scratches, dents or penetrations. We don’t want your overheated, frost-beaten or moisture-eaten goods to be a glaring indicator of our dishonesty!

Moreover, if you experience any troubles with your storage container during the rental period, don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-441-1360. We’ll send a group of experts to analyze the issue and do the fixing on the spot or take the container back to our premises in case there is a serious fault that requires a thorough repair. In a couple of days, it will get back whole and fully functional! And once again, you won’t have to pay a penny for it unless of course the breakage was caused by your negligent or consciously harmful behavior.

Save up by renting a refurbished container!

port containersWhile offering a wide array of brand new storage options right from the assembly line, we also rent refurbished containers to budget-concerned customers. If you’re afraid your credit card won’t survive through another regular payment, save a few hundred dollars by renting a used container that’s been patched and repainted to add another 5-7 years of service!

Refurbishment can be compared to biological regeneration. Our technicians will fix the tiniest holes, change rotted floor boards if necessary and disguise wall dents to prolong the life of your storage unit. After the exterior surface is covered with a fresh layer of lasting marine-grade enamel, nobody will be able to tell this container has been through so much!

Even along with the price of full refurbishment, renting a used storage container is still much cheaper than ordering a new one! Besides, you’ll be able to select the paint color and add minor customizations here and there to make the unit more eye-pleasing and personal.

Customize your storage container at an affordable price!

Every customer has unique needs and we understand there is no universal solution that can equally satisfy everyone looking for a storage container to rent in Chico. Supreme Storage Containers offers a wide range of customization services to equip your storage container with everything you need for easy access and safe preservation of your items. Depending on your particular requirements, we can customize your on-site storage with:

  • additional door sets;

  • windows and skylights;

  • specific flooring;

  • removable shelves;

  • thermal insulation;

  • interior and exterior lighting;

  • electrical and communications;

  • high-security locking systems.

Of course, these little perks come at an extra price, but isn’t it worth to fork out for a storage container that will perfectly fit the concept in your head and provide you with all necessary functionality to store your items with maximal safety and convenience? Note than any customizations you decide to do on your own must be coordinated with one of our managers prior to installation works!

What are the rental conditions?

Supreme Storage Containers Chico offers favorable rental terms for all customer categories. The longer your contract is the less you have to pay for using our storage container! That means by renting a storage unit for a full year instead of signing several month-long agreements over the same time span, you can actually save a nice amount of money!


The rental fee is paid at regular intervals, typically at the end of each month. However, we are always willing to meet our customers half-way and don’t mind waiting if you are currently experiencing financial difficulties. There is no penalty for skipping a few regular payments, but you have to fully clear your debt before the termination of the rental contract to avoid an unpleasant conversation with our representatives and being blacklisted in our customer base.

Payments can be made in any convenient way – cash, credit card, virtual money. After the registration on our site, you’ll gain access to your personal account where you can keep track of all transactions completed from the beginning of the rental period. We strongly advise you visit this page regularly to make sure you have no overdue payments or long-standing debts! We will keep you informed on the state of your financial operations through our built-in notification system that will send alerts to your email address or phone number in case your forget to transfer a specified sum of money to our internal account on time. For more details, contact our manager at 888-441-1360.

Browse and rent right now!

We have worked hard to carve our own niche in the storage container rental market and gain customer trust that we consider to be the ultimate indicator of business success. From us you can rent the most durable, secure and affordable storage containers in Chico for any period of time! You’ll never find higher quality and lower prices across the entire CA! We offer an unmatched level of customer service that includes free delivery, installation and repair as well as wide customization possibilities to furnish your storage container according to your particular preferences and needs.

Feel free to thumb through our virtual catalogue in search of a perfect storage container option that precisely fits your requirements! To make an order, fill out a simple online form and wait for a call from our representative for rental details. We are in the calling range 24/7 and will gladly answer any of your questions at 888-441-1360. Welcome to the happy community of our customers! Hopefully, we have years of mutually beneficial teamwork ahead!

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